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WIRE fosters a decentralized and worldwide network by utilizing staking and masternode implementation. Token holders can earn network rewards (token minting) by keeping their wallets open and staking or by using 35,000 WIRE tokens for collateral and creation of a masternode.


Security and Privacy were a top priority in the creation of the WIRE token. Coin mixing and ZeroCoin protocols have been integrated into WIRE. Both of these features allow for transaction mixing, anonymous sending and freedom from prying eyes.

Earn Program

Linking your personal social media account to the AirWire platform will engage the EARN feature. AirWire will maintain a consistent media presence across all social networks. AirWire posts will be visible on the platform creating an opportunity for users to acquire WIRE token simply for Liking, Sharing, Retweeting, or Commenting on the company's posts.

Debit Card

AirWire has entered into an agreement with 3rd party debit card provider. All users on our platform will have the opportunity to own a AirWire Debit Card. Our debit card’s end user functionality will be indistinguishable from legacy bank debit cards. Convert many of your ERC20 tokens into payment options for everyday purchases.

Our Team


Ken DiCrossAirWireFounder
David HunterAirWireFounder
Luke ShepardAirWireFounder


Jon LeibhamLead Frontend Developer
Scott JonesLead Backend Developer
Justan DayMarketing Manager
Kyle HeadlyService Director
Evan WeldonSocial Media Manager
Katelyn StewartGraphic Designer
Matt ClossonFrontend Developer
Jurgen SomersBackend Developer
Shawn StoneCustomer Service
Daniel WilsonBlockchain Developer




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